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It is by no means as cold as I expected it would be in UB.  And if the weather continues to get warmer, then we’re in good shape.

I arrived tonight, and was met by an OSF driver, who whisked me off to a friend’s apartment.  She is graciously letting me stay with her for a few days until I find my own place.   I am a little disappointed in Korean Airlines, but I might have high standards.  Certainly Cathay, Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian carriers have set the bar high.   I sadly did not get a seatback TV, but at least I had the row to myself for the 10 hour flight from Honolulu to Seoul.

Speaking of Hawaii – amazing place.   I would like to go back and further explore Oahu, and even some of the other islands.  I spent the first day (more like evening) walking around Waikiki with my friend.  The second day I was working, but it was cloudy and I was on my friend’s balcony so it was ok.  I spent the next day hiking Mt Olympus in the morning, and then hit the North Shore in the afternoon/evening (Mokuleia, the beach where Lost was filmed, Haleiwa).  And my last day was spent at Diamondhead and the USS Arizona.  Diamondhead was mediocre, but the Pearl Harbor memorial is really well done.   Oahu is beautiful!


last day on oahu

Tomorrow morning I head to Mongolia.  It’s been a fun reprieve from daily life this past week.  Here’s to new adventures!

park city

The last time I was in Utah, we went south into the desert. This time, it’s a little too wet still, but more importantly, there are piles of snow in the mountains. So that means snowboarding.

Sadly, I didn’t bring my board, or boots, or snowpants, or even gloves. Plus, there is lingering work and other minor tasks I need to take care of. So my brother has gone riding, and I’m left exploring Park City. It’s an interesting town, as far as ski resorts go. Unlike Whistler, which is entirely created around the fact that Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains are good skiing, Park City and surrounding areas started as mining towns. You can still get that feel walking through town and around.

Main street is narrow and the buildings are old as well.

Of course, Park City is a major ski resort town now. Aside from Park City resort itself, there are two others within walking distance of my brother’s house. An hour’s drive away gets you to three more. In 2002, the Winter Olympic Games were held here, which Park City is quite proud of.

All that aside, it’s been cold and sunny here, which actually translates into kind of warm and sunny, when you are at 7K feet elevation.   Makes for some excellent pictures and a nice walk around town.