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cough cough hack

So lockdown continues for another 14 days, with schools and other things still closed.  But I’m mostly concerned about the pollution and the constant hacking and nose-blowing that never seems to stop.

The air is hazy, and the smell lingers in everything.   It isn’t so bad in the day time, but at night, it can be a major disincentive to going out (which works for now, since everything closes at 9 pm). I think as it gets colder, the daytime haze will grow, as more people burn things 24-hours a day.   Sometimes, the haze is so bad that the mountains that ring the city are not visible.

The smell is not the pleasant one of smoke.  It’s more like plastic, and dung, and maybe even tires.   It is acrid and vaguely nauseating, and with the biting cold, it sears the inside of your nostrils.  Only two months left, and its not the cold that will get me, but the pollution.


It had to happen sometime, though I was not expecting it so soon. I’ve come down with quite the nasty bug. I’m hoping it’s viral and self-limiting, so I don’t have to worry about antibiotics. In case, though, I’ve put in a request to my insurance company for the name of my doctor. Or, I’ll just “borrow” someone else’s antibiotics.
I suspect it’s the pollution, and the dust storm (coupled with a closeby fire) we had recently. But this one has been a doozy – my throat is swollen and sore from the base of my neck to my outer ear. The fever has come and gone, and now I’m chewing tylenol like candy. Swallowing hurts (fyi, juice, with its acidity, doesn’t make things better). I’ve stopped taking the decongestants, because the dryness isn’t helping my throat. This doesn’t bode well for surviving the winter!
On the upside, I managed to drag myself out of bed to visit the pharmacy for medication. It went surprisingly well, given my lack of Mongolian and Russian, and her lack of English. I’m learning charades quite well.

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