bicycle built for two

After a few weeks in the city again, and with the weather getting warmer, there is an inescapable need to get out of town.  Even if we only go 50 km or so outside of the city, it’s enough.

Last weekend, a bunch of us took a brief trip to a ger camp just an hour or so out of town.  It was someone’s birthday, and also an opportunity to check out a new horseback riding club.   So, we rode horseys for a bit, hung out for a bit, and generally just tooled around in sunshine and fresh air.

Of course, as this is Mongolia, the weekend was marred by high winds, which made the day a bit cold on occasion.  Luckily, the dining ger had a stove, so we were able to warm up as the sun came down.

Of course, there’s not a whole lot to do when it’s cold and you have no electricity in the middle of nowhere.  So out came the vodka, cranium, birthday cake, and cowdung fire.  Which then of course made the next day one of complete laziness on the grass.

I was of course, awake for the sunrise, which was beautiful.

After a morning of doing not much of anything, our hosts served up a horhog, which involved a goat (though not the one they had originally tied up behind the kitchen ger) and some really hot stones.  Basically. Then we piled into the van and headed back to town on Sunday evening.

The weekend didn’t end there though – as a rare event, all of the Fulbrighters were in town for the weekend, so we managed to meet up for dinner – yummy Japanese (except one, who couldn’t make it).  And because no weekend is complete without it, we then rode tandem bikes around Sukhbaatar Square.

Good times. More pictures.


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