the vital importance of being earnest

Things are a bit quiet now, with trying to settle into a flow.  Last weekend, the UB Players performed their spring play – the Importance of Being Earnest. It was a wonderful production, with some very talented actors.  I helped with stage crew duties during the shows, and in true production style, we did throw in a few pranks on the last night – mainly replacing the tea with vodka and Mongolian sweet wine.  It was fun.  The play was of course in English – Oscar Wilde’s greatest talent (his wit and way with words) is also his downfall when it comes to translation.

Other than that, not much else is happening.  It is getting warmer, but not much in the way of rain.  There is some greenery emerging, but very slowly.   I’ve started my language classes and trying to be good about studying.  While I am not interested in becoming proficient in Mongolian, I do need to be able to get around better.

Generally, things going on – teaching yoga weekly and trying to practice on my own as I can; working on a research methodology manual and some training classes; wrote this week’s quiz (as quiz master); trying to find a good niche for my research, potentially focusing on the commercialization of agriculture; catching up on my American TV shows; developing a podcast format for OSF; learning Mongolian; figuring out travel plans for my parents; and planning out the next four years or so of my life. 🙂


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