still looking….

I’m still trying to find an apartment here.  It’s really amazing how many I’ve seen, but haven’t seemed right, and it’s hard to tell if I’m being picky or just listening to my gut. One thing for sure – I’m definitely lost on what I’m looking for.  All my usual cues are useless here, so I’m basically flying blind.  I’ve definitely asked around for opinions, but everyone has a different idea of what they like, much of which is based on experiences (or lack thereof).  Which, really, isn’t all that different from DC.

In other news, I’m settled in the office nicely.  The whole office cooks lunch during the week, so I think I’ll join up with that, since it’s cheap and relatively healthy (at least I know what’s going in the food!).   I have a desk. And a phone. And even an email address.   I’ve talked to the executive director a bit about what I’ll be doing, and also how I can help them.   I’m currently editing a document on HIV/AIDS prevention and education, which I think is a good way to ease in.  It’s a topic area I’m familiar with, and it gives me some sense of how research is conducted here.

Oh, and I’ve been asked to teach yoga.  I miss yoga, so I am very seriously considering this.  I am not sure about teaching ,but I can certainly demo!  Should be fun.

I’ve met most of the other Fulbrighters here, and seen most of the central part of the city.   Today, randomly, I met the ambassador from India.  He’s really tall.  Everyone notices this.  His wife is very nice, and I kind of hinted that I would love if they invited me over for dinner.  I was told that the embassy holds events for holidays (Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali, etc), so I am excited for that!


2 Responses to “still looking….”

  1. 1 Annie March 27, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    You know that picture you have that is captioned “small park”? Well, that used to be part of a larger park that the new Shangrila buidling has taken up. It was a huge deal. Basically the President did some shadey business and took the public land for development. The kicker: Gerelmaa’s grandfather designed that park!

    • 2 deepali March 27, 2009 at 2:35 pm

      Haha. That explains why when I asked her about the Shangrila building, she laughed and said “well, there’s a story there….” It is a cute park now, but would have been nice as a bigger space!

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