apartment hunting

I hate apartment hunting. I hate it in the US, and I hate it in Mongolia.  Everything has something wrong with it, and nothing is “just right”.   But I’m also tired of going around and looking at everything and would like to get this settled imminently.

Part of the problem is that I don’t know the city and can’t gauge what is safe and what isn’t.   Frankly, everything looks undeveloped and shady, but I’m used to a city built like a grid.  The other part is that my budget is miniscule, and the “nice” and “safe” place are out of my range.  So, I either compromise on “nice” and “safe”… or I stretch the budget a bit.  Neither sound all that appealing.

UB is growing on me, though.  It’s not the prettiest city, but the buildings are low (like DC), so it’s very bright.   Traffic is the usual nightmare, but I already have a habit of walking into the street boldly, so no problem here.

I am surprisingly ok with the food too.  Fatty meat is not my favorite, but mixed up with steamed doughy noodles and it’s really not too bad.    The expat  community is very prominent too – I run into foreigners everywhere.  Frontier, indeed.

I’m settling into the office too – I have a desk, and an email address, and a new cell phone number (and even a local bank account).  I’m reviewing background documents now, and trying to figure out what I’m going to do while I’m here.  OSF is excited to have me, and I’m excited to help them out.


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