first day in UB

No jet lag yet, but I am expecting it to kick in momentarily.  One day here, and I’ve already met some really cool people, both in a personal and professional sense.  Also enjoyed a rousing game of Pictionary.   And most importantly, had an excellent lunch. Filipino food.  Not what I was expecting for my first meal in Mongolia!

The party was for a guy who is leaving to go to China for a gig with his band.   At the party, I also met a Filipino who works for ADRA doing some awesome work with desertification and livelihood issues in the Gobi, a Kiwi who is building permanent housing for the people in the ger districts, and a Ukrainian doing research with anti-clotting medications.  I also met a woman from the International Women’s Association in Mongolia, and whose husband works for ADB (funding urb development projects in the ger districts).

And we played Pictionary.

Tonight is girls’ night.  Tacos, I think.

The city looks a lot like what I was expecting, and with winter ending, it’s still not very green.


1 Response to “first day in UB”

  1. 1 Dave March 22, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Hey girl, so glad you’re here. Get in touch!

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