5 pm

And my last day in Toledo.  I took my tax papers to the accountant this morning, who informed me that I will be getting a refund.  Now I know the economy is sinking and fast, as I cannot remember the last time I got a refund.  I am thinking about these “payroll deductions” and how to stimulate the economy.   Basic economic sense tells me that the more we spend, the more we employ, and the cycle continues.  But when the banks are sitting tight on dollars and bleeding all the same, I think (?) the real problem is liquidity.  Nevertheless, I will be stimulating the Mongolian economy, where I will say, the people probably need it more.

I tried so hard not to overpack, and I think I am fairly happy with what I have.  Probably still too much, but not overwhelmingly so.  A few clothes left tumbling in the dryer, and I should be done.   My last meal in the Eastern half of the US will consist of mutter paneer, dal makhani (or some semblence thereof), and tomorrow morning, some upma.  Then onto to Utah, where I will probably sit on my brother’s couch and work while they are all enjoying the freshies at Snowbird.

Utah was recently ranked #1 in a poll on happiness within our 50 states.  Not sure where DC falls – I know West Virginia is last.  Utah is weird and wonderful, and I think I could live there one day, after I develop some tolerance for hippies and religious fundamentalists (the latter will happen before the sooner).   This was Utah the last time I was there.

I think there is more snow now.


1 Response to “5 pm”

  1. 1 nagi March 13, 2009 at 3:57 am

    heading to Mongolia? well, you are coming in a good time because the coldest season is almost over. Enjoy and welcome to Mongolia (a little bit in advance)

    Na from Mongolia

    PS: Accidentally discovered your blog.

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