visa debacle

So I’m still trying to get a visa.  Everyone says I should get the visa for the full stay before I go, which is what I’m trying to do.  Open Society put through the paperwork and had everything sent to the embassy here.

Of course, it’s always the embassies that mess everything up.   I’ve called 4 times to try to find out what I need to bring to get my visa (and to find out if it’s ready).  The usual conversation goes like this:

me: Hi, I’m calling to find out if my visa is ready.

visa office:  What is your name?

me. Patel, Deepali.

visa office: Oh, right.  Mexican?

me: Um. No. American.

visa office: Is this a tourist or business visa?

me:  Student.

visa office: Oh. Let me call you back.

Of course, no one calls me back.

Today, I went to the visa office to pick up my visa, because I was told it was ready.  Well, it’s not.  Or at least, they don’t know if it is. Because apparently, it’s sitting in the safe and only the consular officer has access.

visa office:  Can you come back tomorrow?

me: Sure, what time?

visa office: What time do you want to come by?

me:  Um, when the consular officer is here?

What am I missing?

We decided on 9 am.  But then later I realized I couldn’t go that early, so I called to see if I could go by later.

me: Hi, I can’t come by tomorrow at 9 am. Can I come at 10?

visa office:  Yes.  Wait, is this a tourist visa?

me: Student.

visa office:  Let me call you back.



2 Responses to “visa debacle”

  1. 1 Dave February 12, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    This is very good warm-up experience for the real thing. Consider yourself lucky.

    BTW, it will get to -41 tomorrow, and -44 on Saturday. Celsius. Actually, at those temperatures it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking F or C!



  2. 2 deepali February 12, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    Yes, I know. Sigh.
    Also, I do not arrive until late March, so I am hoping that the tendency of continental climates to fluctuate wildly will work in my favor.

    What does -41 feel like?

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